Similar to my fascination with animation I have always loved 3D artwork and have also always played video games. Up until I started learning about 3D imaging and animation I would always get caught up playing video games, but it seems as though I have developed a much stronger addiction to creating 3D things than I ever had playing video games! All of these images were created within a 10-week timespan in my final term as a graphic designer. The phone, lipstick, wine, cat game, and dogfood ads are all school projects. The rest are personal projects. I didn't create any of the models I just styled them with colors and textures and placed them into the scene. 3D modeling is something I am going to learn in the near future.


Bryan aka Sarge is currently a student in graphic design and web development. He used to be an ironworker but an injury lead to pursuing an exciting new career in graphic design, web development and much more! Visit the about us section to learn more about Sarge!

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